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The SFI is a non-profit organization established on May 29, 1984. It operates in conjunction with national economic growth policies to guide investment activities, promote academic and practical research in the domains of securities and futures, and facilitate the sound development of securities and futures markets.

II.Organizational Structure

The Board of Directors is the policy-making body of the SFI. It is comprised of eleven directors and one supervisor with a chairman who acts as the representative of the organization. The administrative body, headed by the President, is divided into 6 sections: Research Department, Information Department, Promotion Department, Testing Center, Education Center and Administration Department.

Organization Chart


董事長 李啓賢照片
Chi-Hsien Lee
M. Econ., Department of Economics, Chinese Culture University Master's
Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation President
Taipei Exchange Managing Director & CEO,Acting Chairman
Securities and Futures Bureau, Financial Supervisory Commission Deputy Director-General, Acting Director-General, Director-General

總經理 張麗真照片
General Manager
Li-Chen Chang
M. Acc., Department of Accounting, National Chengchi University Master's
Taipei Exchange Managing Director & CEO
Securities and Futures Bureau, Financial Supervisory Commission Secretary-General, Deputy Director-General, Acting Director-General
Qualified CPA  



Date Event
01.04-04.15 Organized SFI GoProS Training Program.
02.21~06.12 Organized Phases 1-3 of Financial Transaction Practices of Big Data Analysis and Algorithms - Talent Training Courses.
03.02~06.22 Classes of Asia Regional Finance and Financial Innovation and Transaction Courses 2016-2017 held in Tainan under the commission of TWSE, TAIFEX, and TDCC.
03.03 Held the inauguration of Innovation & Entrepreneurship Fund and set up a management committee to officially set it into operation.
03.08~06.21 Classes of the International Finance Seminars Courses 2016-2017 held in Taipei.
03.10~06.26 Organized employer matching operations for the Financial Literacy for Youth 2016-2017 program under the commission of TDCC.
03.13~03.25 Organized Phase 1 of AML/CFT Qualification Training Courses.
03.14~12.04 Arranged 32 sessions of Financial Literacy Program 2017: Financial Management onto the Campus Lecture Series under the commission of TDCC.
03.17 Organized Asset Management Practice and Operation Course Seminars.
03.31 The Review of Securities and Futures Markets was awarded Most Influential Periodical (Humanities and Social Sciences) in the Most Influential Academic Resources in Taiwan awards of 2017 organized by the National Central Library. It was ranked 3rd in the citation index of economic subjects.
04.07~05.05 Arranged the Anti-Insider Trading among Listed Companies 2017: Strengthening Promotional Workshop under the commission of TWSE.
04.13~08.26 Organized 35 sessions of the "Mutual Fund for Financial Retirement Planning 2017 Lecture Series."
04.15~11.04 Arrange 50 sessions of Financial Literacy Program 2017: "Investing for Your Future Lecture Series" under the commission of TWSE.
04.22~09.16 Organized 6 large-scale promotional events "Discovering the Value of Taiwan Stock Market" for the public.
04.26~10.12 Arranged 20 sessions of the Futures and Options Promotional Lectures 2017 under the commission of TAIFEX.
05.20~08.14 Arranged 10 sessions of the National Securities Knowledge Camp for Teachers under the commission of TWSE.
06.13 Co-organized with TAIFEX the New Trend of Supervisions in Derivative Markets 2017 seminar, in which officials from the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) were invited to offer lectures.
06.19~08.26 Phase 1 (domestic training) of ALPHA+ Training Program for Asset Management.
06.24~07.05 Phase 2 (overseas study) of SFI GoProS Training Program.
07.01~2018.1.11 Organized "Call for Entries for Animation and Comics: Mutual Fund for Planning Your Affluent Life"
07.02 Co-organized international conferences on green bonds with TPEx.
07.07~08.11 Arranged Insider Equity Transfer and Legal Compliance Promotional Conference 2017 under the commission of TWSE.
08.23 Innovation & Entrepreneurship Fund elected 3 professional management companies.
09.08~09.29 Organized promotional conferences on the cases of audits of securities firms, and securities investment trust and consulting companies.
09.17 Arranged the 3rd Financial Literacy for Youth (2017-18) program under the commission of TDCC.
09.18~11.22 Arranged Phase 1 of Financial Big Data Analysis and Smart Finance Applications Talent Training Courses.
09.21~2018.01.04 Arranged Asset Management Practice and Operation Courses for Master's degrees.
09.28 The SFI was graded A in the employment service agencies evaluation by the Department of Labor, Taipei City Government.
09.29~2018.01.12 Classes of Asia Regional Finance and Financial Innovation and Transaction Courses 2017-2018 held in Taichung.
09.30~2018.02.02 Arranged the special project on promoting financial literacy, including 2 online prized-quiz games and 10 lectures in local areas, under the commission of Taiwan Financial Services Roundtable.
09.30~11.24 Arranged 30 sessions of the Financial Literacy Program 2017 (second half): Investing for the Future Lecture Series under the commission of the Securities and Futures Bureau, FSC.
10.02~10.08 Participated in the "World Investor Week 2017" organized by the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO).
10.02~12.21 Arranged "Knowledge is King: the 14th grand contest on investment securities for university students" under the commission of TWSE.
10.13~10.24 Phase 2 (overseas training) of ALPHA+ Training Program for Asset Management.
10.16~10.20 Arranged the Global Asset Management Workshop 2018.
10.27~11.17 Arranged the Insider Trading and Corporate Social Responsibility Seminars 2017 under the commission of TWSE.
10.31 Arranged Understanding Asset Management Market Practice workshops for judicial officers.
12.13 Held the 14th Golden Goblet Award Ceremony.
12.24~2018.03.11 Arranged 4 sessions of "Financial Elite Camp for the Youth" under the commission of TPEx.




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Securities and Futures Institute


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