Testing Center



The Testing Center is dedicated to the organization of qualification exams for professionals in the securities and futures markets. It offers aspiring individuals in the securities and futures markets basic professional knowledge, and assists the competent authorities and related associations in administering overall market professionals and maintaining their quality. All globally renowned and systemically sophisticated securities and futures markets require qualification exams from professionals as well as implement pre-job and on-the-job trainings to improve their professional competency, thereby protecting investors’ rights and facilitating a sound development of the securities and futures markets. 

The SFI conducts qualification exams for market professionals in a fair and prudent manner with the efforts to enhance the self-regulation and professional image of the overall market. We also design an accessible and efficient exam system based on the principles of service and innovation, and roll out exam framework and contents that keep abreast with current market. 


  1. Qualification exams for Securities Specialists, Securities Investment Trust and Consulting Professionals, Futures Specialists, and Bills Finance Specialists 
  2. Financial Markets and Professional Ethics Exam 
  3.  Proficiency Exams for Corporate Governance, Bond Specialists, Stock Affair Specialists, Enterprise Internal Control, Asset Securitization, Business Ethics, Professional Exam for Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Terrorism Financing Specialist, and Basic Test on Sustainable Development
  4. Securities Specialists, Futures Specialists and Securities Investment Analysts License Validation Exams for Foreign Examinees 
  5. Licensing Examination for Securities and Futures Intermediaries in Hong Kong 
  6. Certified International Investment Analysts(CIIA®) Foundation and Final Exams
  7. Accepting Commission for Talent Recruitment