Research Department



One of the SFI's founding objectives is “to promote academic and practical research in the domains of securities and futures to bring sound development to the financial markets”. Under the guidance of competent authorities, the SFI operates in accordance with government policies and market developments, actively proposing major projects or conducting researches commissioned by securities-related institutions. Through regular or occasional data collection and database establishment, we keep track of the developmental trends in international financial markets. We organize seminars and forums to gather opinions from diverse sources, which serve as reference for the establishment of policies, systems, and directions for promotion, all with the hope of strengthening capital market development in Taiwan and promptly aligning it with international standards. 

To respond to the rapid development of corporate governance in neighboring countries, to accelerate the promotion of corporate governance for TWSE and TPEx listed corporations, and to help corporations develop and increase the confidence of investors in the market. Since 2014, the SFI has held the Corporate Governance Evaluation for TWSE and TPEx listed corporations every year to replace the Information Transparency and Disclosure Ranking, taking a big step toward the promotion of corporate governance in Taiwan. In addition to corporate regulatory compliance, we also value corporate governance, which it can substantially improve corporate operations and enhance the international image of Taiwan in terms of corporate governance. 


Our role as a bridge between industry, government, the academia, as well as a think tank for government policies contributes.