Message from the Chairman


Continuing to Deepen ESG Initiatives to Promote Green Finance

Chairman: Chuang-Chang Chang Ph.D.
As the pandemic eased in 2022, the recovery of the investment market has emerged as a primary concern for investors. Simultaneously, global investors' demands for ESG continue to grow, expecting companies to reinforce corporate governance, create shareholder value, and fulfill their responsibility as members of society, while contributing to environmental protection efforts. As a think tank in the securities and futures industry, the Securities and Futures Institute (SFI) plays a vital role in addressing the rapid global trends. SFI provides research recommendations on topics such as the impact of the pandemic on capital market, Taiwan's carbon emissions trading mechanism, and enhanced governance information disclosure. Our primary objective is to provide practical recommendations to the securities and futures industry. Furthermore, in alignment with the release of the "Green Finance Action Plan 2.0" and "Green Finance Action Plan 3.0" by the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) in September 2022, SFI has launched a series of green finance courses. These courses aim to promote green finance across the financial industry, relevant organizations, and government agencies. Additionally, SFI has incorporated green finance-related topics into its book series and examination curriculum, while simultaneously launching online e-books to promote green finance.

Cultivating Financial Talent Reserves and Enhancing the Competitiveness of ractitioners

Given the increasing impact of declining birth rates, SFI not only conducts financial promotion and activities at colleges and universities throughout Taiwan but also actively cooperates with various business schools. The Institute encourages young students to obtain financial certifications at an early stage, assisting the financial industry in talent reserve planning. Moreover, SFI continuously organizes up-to-date training courses on corporate governance and internal control, and uditing, while has enhancing training programs on important topics such as financial technology, information security, and sustainable asset management. To further serve practitioners nationwide, SFI has begun to expand its range of online courses and services, while continuing to promote them throughout northern, central, southern, and eastern Taiwan. These efforts aim to cultivate and optimize talent for the securities and futures industry.

As the organization grows to meet the industry's trends, the SFI has developed an organizational culture that exhibits "services," "foresight," "innovation," and "internationalization" as its core competencies.

Leading Sustainable Finance and Fulfilling Social Responsibility

Since 2020, the SFI has been promoting sustainable finance and has implemented initiatives to manage greenhouse gas emissions, conserve energy, and reduce paper usage. In 2022, under continuous business growth, the Institute successfully reduced carbon emissions and energy consumption for the second consecutive year. Externally, the SFI continues to promote e-services. In 2022, the number of computer-based tests reached a new record high, accounting for 73% of total test takers. In line with the FSC's initiative to encourage the financial industry to contribute to social welfare, the SFI continues to offer its "Financial Literacy for the Youth" Program, assisting economically disadvantaged students in acquiring financial knowledge and skills. Additionally, the Institute participates in various public welfare ctivities, from blood donation campaigns to equipment donations in remote areas in southern Taiwan, striving to contribute as a member of society. Through this report, the SFI aims to provide stakeholders with a comprehensive understanding of the Institute's services in talent cultivation, promotion and advocacy, research of relevant issues, and professional assessments. Additionally, the report will emphasize the Institute's commitment to incorporating environmental, social, and governance requirements of sustainable finance and promoting the industry's steady progress in line with international trends and government policies.

To meet the different needs of corporations and individuals, the SFI devised the "Promoting Inclusion" strategy. It aims to satisfy the needs of securities & futures industry practitioners, investors, traders, and people from all levels for relevant knowledge and licenses in securities and futures, and to implement our duty and mission of achieving financial convenience and financial inclusion.

In response to global trends, we drew up the "Progressing Sustainability" strategy to assist the financial industry in fulfilling its corporate social responsibility and facilitating environmental sustainability, as well as the development of green finance, to create a win-win situation for perspectives of the economy, the environment, and the society. We are also dedicated to satisfy the needs of all stakeholders, such as the competent authority, industry business owners, participants of our training programs, the general public, social media, and most importantly, our employees, to the greatest extent to ensure the sustainable development of the SFI.